MoveOn East Bay Committees/Roles
Charles Davidson, Council Organizer
Lawrence Abbot, Regional Organizer
Melanie Gleason,  Staff

Finance/Budget Committee: (Regular ops and events)
Treasurer: Jack Kurzweil
Selina Williams, Zipporah Collins

Logistic Committee: (permits, equipment, etc)
Tom Cooke – Chair
Nadine Peyrucain -Co-Chair,  Bob Patenaude /Niebyl-Proctor ,

Program/Events/Planning Committee:
Jack Kurweil – Chair
Steve Scheisser– Co-chair
Selina Williams, Elizabeth Balderston,
Tom Cooke, Charles Davidson

Outreach Committee: Local organizing
Cassy Lopez – Chair
Deborah Solis, Dolores Hellman, Art Anderson

Media/Communications Committee: (TV,  radio, print)
Jenna Spagnolo – Chair
Clara Davis – Co-Chair
Steve Zippin, Zipporah Collins, Ricia Wise, Gert Thorn

  1. selina says:

    The Finance e-mail bounces back…

  2. selina says:

    oops, Jacks name is “Kurzweil”

  3. selina says:

    Mike, please add Delondo Bellamy Jr. to the program committee.

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